Olesya Prantyuk

Senior Associate

Olesya Prantyuk
Olesya Prantyuk

Senior Associate

T: 0207 600 8000

E: olesya.prantyuk@honeycombpsg.com

Olesya is a Senior Associate forensic accountant and investigator with an expertise in valuations, money laundering, and expert determinations. She specialises in undertaking valuations of businesses and carrying out fraud investigations in listed companies and investment funds.

Olesya is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant with a Masters in Accounting and Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.

Recent work

• Leading the investigation into the business ruination and developing business models to forecast losses suffered as a result of business extinguishment for an investment treaty arbitration;

• Leading the investigation into the alleged mismanagement of an investment fund of a foreign investor worth approximately $200m;

• Undertaking an investigation into the financial affairs of an AIM listed company where a large scale fraud recorded as a false asset by key personnel was uncovered;

• Undertaking a valuation of losses sustained as a result of actuary’s negligence;

• Undertaking a valuation for the loss of business as a result of licence withdrawal from a regulated business as a result of fraud allegations which proved to be groundless;

• Undertaking an investigation into the actions of a director to recreate the timeline of the business bankruptcy as a result of the breaches of his duties;

• Leading the investigation into the mismanagement of the investment into properties on behalf of a foreign investor;

• Expert determination into the accounting treatment of revenue recognition;

• Review of business valuation involving detailed analysis of business models, forecasts and checking whether underlying assumptions were reasonable;

• Undertaking an investigation into large scale fraud at a CIS mining company over the allegations of overcharging and false representation.