Mahes Monnekulame


Mahes Monnekulame


T: 020 7600 8000

E: mahes.monnekulame@honeycombpsg.com

Mahes is an Analyst at Honeycomb.

With a speciality in investigative accounting, Mahes works closely with lenders, liquidators, trustees and solicitors in preparing reports, attending mediations and undertaking recovery actions. He has experience in preparing evidence and case summaries for Court and producing expert reports.

Mahes is completing his Australian CPA and has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance.

Recent work

• Conducted analysis of financials, bank statements and other records in respect of a number of criminal and conduct cases on behalf of regulators;

• Assisted in analysis of financial records in connection with a partnership dispute;

• Assisted in the successful defence of a businessman charged with criminal conspiracy in connection with PAYE and other deductions;

Assisted in the litigation into a money transfer business concerning suspicions of money laundering.