Freyda Thompson

Senior Associate

Freyda Thompson

Senior Associate

T: 020 3940 6116

E: freyda.thompson@honeycombpsg.com

Freyda is a Senior Associate forensic accountant and investigator. She has worked on a variety of cases including loss of profits, valuations, other commercial disputes and criminal proceedings.

Freyda specialises in cases involving bribery, business valuations and share disputes. She is a certified Chartered Accountant with the ACCA with a Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency.

Recent work

• Investigating alleged bribes totalling US $60m paid to an individual, involving over 100 banks, and tracing the use of these funds through various bank accounts;

• Revaluation of a business after its sale price was disputed. Many aspects of the valuation were revisited, including restating the directors’ loan accounts, revaluing certain assets, preparing a cashflow for the trading period of the business and investigating allegations of price suppression;

• Tracing relevant payments between parties in a large share dispute case in connection with a Russian aluminium firm, determining the ultimate beneficiary of the payments and the ultimate source of funds;

Assisted SFO in a headline case of serious fraud involving the integrity of financial markets;

• Assisted FCA on a number of regulatory and criminal investigations.