Alan Boothby

Senior Associate

Alan Boothby
Alan Boothby

Senior Associate

T: 020 7600 8000

E: alan.boothby@honeycombpsg.com

Alan is a Senior Associate forensic accountant and investigator. He specialises in investigating both civil and criminal serious fraud, business valuations, dispute resolutions, insolvency cases and Proceeds of Crime Act (2002) appointments.

Drawing from his extensive experience in preparing evidence and case summaries for Court, Alan produces reports and analyses financial information.

Alan has been on secondment with the Serious Fraud Office since July 2013. He is ACCA qualified and has a BA (Hons) degree.

Recent work

• Preparing reports on behalf of a Defendant accused of money laundering prior to a Confiscation of Assets hearing;

• Investigating the affairs of a Defendant prior to a criminal trial in relation to alcohol smuggling, and undertaking a review and analysis of evidence provided by the prosecution;

• Reviewing and analysing company documents and reconciling them to the company bank accounts;

Providing assistance with reports to assess business interruption and loss of income claims;

• Analysed a forensic expert’s report and associated documents in relation to the calculation of a large bank’s claim following the valuation of a business;

• Assisted SFO in a headline case of serious fraud involving the integrity of financial markets